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View a sample letter to the Israeli government: Free to use!


An award-winning investigator discovered the secret to the most treasure laden and mystifying map in history.

Artifacts from the Tabernacle of Moses, sacred possessions from Jerusalem’s Temple and massive treasures listed on the Copper Scroll chill prophecy experts, electrify historians and enrage the financial elite.  The potential of this mysterious and illusive discovery also holds the most frighteningly unpredictable influence on Middle Eastern and world stability.  After a 2400 year absence, the moment the world lays eyes on “the Ark of the Covenant,” the universe will change.

There is no doubt that the treasure locations listed on the Copper Scroll are identified in Jim Barfield’s research.  Rabbis, archaeologists, historians and even Israel Antiquities Officials have confirmed the enormous probability that “the Oklahoma investigator is correct”…but do the items remain in place at the popular historic national park in Israel?

January 2013 Jim submitted required paperwork and a report for electronic testing of the historic site after his presentation to the Director of the Archaeological Department of the Civil Administration.  The director explained the requirements for the simple scan then blocked it cold.  Why?

A renowned Doctor from Hebrew University preparing to work with Jim and the ADCA said,  “I have been doing surveys like this for decades with no problems.”  Jim asked, “So what is the problem?”  After several seconds he offered a bewildered answer,  “Mr. Barfield, they are afraid of what you will find…”

Nuggets from the Copper Scroll

Articles by Jim Barfield

Unexpected Treasures from the Copper Scroll

Three sheets of extremely oxidized copper hidden centuries ago held secrets to find 57 hoards of amazing treasures described by the Hebrew words jutting from their surface.  There is more to be gained from the document, far more.  The text has a secret not yet realized by the scholars on matters of Qumran.

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The Bible Code and the Copper Scroll

“Honestly, this gentleman thinks he has found information about The Copper Scroll Project in this Bible Code thing?” That was my thought as a fellow from Arkansas handed me a single sheet of information generated by his Home Version of the Bible Code.

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The Copper Scroll and Jeremiah’s Deed

Jerusalem was under siege, Babylon had Judah’s army at a breaking point and Jeremiah was chained in the house of his King.  The rusty chains cut into his wrists binding him to the wall, his punishment for prophesying the truth, a tragic end to Zedekiah and his kingdom.

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Interview Jim Barfield

  On Thursday, 20 November 2014, Jim Barfield and Steve Moutria of 119 Ministries gave an interview on “Hebrew Nation Online” for the “Hebrew Nation Morning Show” and discussed recent news.   Listen to the full interview below!  ...

Sample Letter to the Israeli Authorities

Free to use! To Whom It May Concern: In the interest of Israeli History and sovereignty of the nation of Israel, I respectfully request that those in key positions allow a full and exhaustive excavation of Qumran and its vicinity to test the research of Mr. Jim...

The Copper Scroll Project on air

  On Wednesday April 30th, 7:50PM  “Mystery Of The Copper Scrolls” sees Michael Abuthnot trying to crack the secrets of a 2,000-year-old scroll etched in ancient Hebrew that describes vast amounts of treasure scattered around the Israeli landscape....

April 2014 Update

The obvious silence of our website updates is, for now, ending.  Those of you living in and around the US and Israel know why, at different times, it has been important for me to remain silent about advances in progress with the project.  Although you will not read...