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An award-winning investigator discovered the secret to the most treasure laden and mystifying map in history.

Artifacts from the Tabernacle of Moses, sacred possessions from Jerusalem’s Temple and massive treasures listed on the Copper Scroll chill prophecy experts, electrify historians and enrage the financial elite.  The potential of this mysterious and illusive discovery also holds the most frighteningly unpredictable influence on Middle Eastern and world stability.  After a 2400 year absence, the moment the world lays eyes on “the Ark of the Covenant,” the universe will change.

There is no doubt that the treasure locations listed on the Copper Scroll are identified in Jim Barfield’s research.  Rabbis, archaeologists, historians and even Israel Antiquities Officials have confirmed the enormous probability that “the Oklahoma investigator is correct”…but do the items remain in place at the popular historic national park in Israel?

January 2013 Jim submitted required paperwork and a report for electronic testing of the historic site after his presentation to the Director of the Archaeological Department of the Civil Administration.  The director explained the requirements for the simple scan then blocked it cold.  Why?

A renowned Doctor from Hebrew University preparing to work with Jim and the ADCA said,  “I have been doing surveys like this for decades with no problems.”  Jim asked, “So what is the problem?”  After several seconds he offered a bewildered answer,  “Mr. Barfield, they are afraid of what you will find…”

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Nuggets from the Copper Scroll

Articles by Jim Barfield

Unexpected Treasures from the Copper Scroll

Three sheets of extremely oxidized copper hidden centuries ago held secrets to find 57 hoards of amazing treasures described by the Hebrew words jutting from their surface.  There is more to be gained from the document, far more.  The text has a secret not yet realized by the scholars on matters of Qumran.

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The Bible Code and the Copper Scroll

“Honestly, this gentleman thinks he has found information about The Copper Scroll Project in this Bible Code thing?” That was my thought as a fellow from Arkansas handed me a single sheet of information generated by his Home Version of the Bible Code.

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The Copper Scroll and Jeremiah’s Deed

Jerusalem was under siege, Babylon had Judah’s army at a breaking point and Jeremiah was chained in the house of his King.  The rusty chains cut into his wrists binding him to the wall, his punishment for prophesying the truth, a tragic end to Zedekiah and his kingdom.

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The prophets that wrote the Copper Scroll

Below are verses from the Book of Haggai, one of five men said to have written the Copper Scroll.  Two of those men were prophets from the Bible, “Haggai and Zechariah.”  That information comes from two sources; one is a 17th century book call “Emeq Ha Melek (Valley of the King).”

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Live Event With Jim Barfield

  Temple Treasures Seminar   Jim Barfield of the Copper Scroll Project will be speaking at the Temple Treasures Seminar in Lake City, FL next week!   Date: 7 – 9 August, 2015 Location: Kol HaMashiach Messianic Congregation, Lake City, FL Info: Please click here to view info and schedule      ... read more

Questions and Answers

By Jim Barfield Differences of opinions on any subject, especially religion, vary wildly. For example, some believe that the Tanak, the Old Testament, no longer applies to our lives, while others believe that the Bible is eternal and unchanging.   Another example, the elite religious scholars once demanded that we accept that the world was flat. Those that disagreed with the flat world theory were referred back to countless scholarly notations written by men that believed in a flat earth. Just because the so-called scholars and the majority believe and even demand that we believe what they have been taught, doesn’t mean that it is correct. It is our responsibility to be studious and learn about our Creator and what He desires for our lives but not be like the Nazis who publicly humiliated, tortured and even killed those that did not comply with their teachings. 119 Ministries has been very kind and has displayed an attitude of brotherhood and support because we recognized the good in each other’s goals of promoting the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Do we agree on everything? No. We have significant differences but we all love to learn more about the will of our Heavenly Father and we listen, think, process and discuss and leave our discussions with a passion to learn more. That is how I intend to conduct the following question and answer session with respect and kindness towards those that may disagree.   Let’s begin.   Why do you believe that the Copper Scroll was created during the time of Jeremiah and what did you base your dating on? John... read more

Hebrew Archeologists Evaluate Our Research

Israeli Experts and scientists confirm, The Copper Scroll Project Research has serious potential. A massive thanks you to the scholars that have endorsed the possibilities of The Copper Scroll Project research. I believe it was John Allegro that said when you enter the arena of the Dead Sea Scrolls you are entering a “cloak and dagger” world. You have each stepped outside of the scholastic comfort zone and helped an unlikely researcher validate his hypothesis.   Your help is greatly appreciated. To the families of Shuka and Yuval, they were fantastic men. We have recently been asked for additional confirmation that my research and my selection of the Qumran site as a potential location for the vast treasures listed on the Copper Scroll. This article should help considerably. Can we prove it? Let us dig. The 263-page CSP document has three sections. Section I contains a composite back-story and synopsis of events compiled from Biblical accounts and other supporting documents.   Section II provides details and documentation for a more academic point of view of the CS history. Although Section I and II are interesting and at some point may prove important, they are not required for the evaluation and determination of the descriptions from the Copper Scroll, proving that Qumran has great potential for housing the artifacts listed thereon. Section III is the disclosure and stands on its own merit, historic timeframe has no bearing on the locations of the artifacts. The structures at Qumran so accurately match the descriptions listed on the Copper Scroll, as explained in the research, that rabbis, archaeologists and authorities in Israel who “have seen”... read more

Live Event with Jim Barfield

  Date: 31 January, 2015 Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Location: At the church @ 905 Chestnut St, Olathe, KS 66061 Info: “Jim Barfield will present his highly respected research pertaining to the Copper Scroll, an ancient metal document listing the hiding locations of the “Tabernacle of Moses” and all of its furnishings. That list even includes the possible location of the Ark of the Covenant. Jim will reveal those locations, the vast treasures hoards, the story behind the Copper Scroll and his efforts to return the treasures to the Nation of Israel. We will discuss the impact that such a discovery will have on the world, Biblical Prophecy and much more!”   Rough Schedule The event will start at 11 AM, and Jim Barfield will present from 2pm until 5pm. More info here.   Event Sponsors Northland Hebrew Roots Group – Chris & Chris Lighten Up Ministries – Alan Lee On That Day Ministries – Cole Davis Shawnee Christian Roots Ministry – Roger Staley, Katriel Porth   Contact: Marc Jungerman (816-529-1535) Chris Bridges (816-510-1602) or email    ... read more

Interview with Jim Barfield and Joseph Good

Jim Barfield of the “Copper Scroll Project” and Joseph Good of join today’s Thursday Morning Show to start presenting some of the incredibly exciting possibilities that may very well be revealed as the sites described in the Copper Scroll (one of the Dead Sea Scrolls) are brought to light in the near future.  Join Bonnie and Gene as they listen to Jim and Joe read and describe locations and artifacts from this scroll… (via Hebrew Nation Online)   Listen to the full interview below.     The Copper Scroll Project is now on TWITTER as @copper_scroll ! Please help us spread the word! #copperscrollproject... read more

Copper Scroll Project Disclosure

  119 Ministries is excited to join Jim Barfield and the Copper Scroll Project team in releasing this second video. Though this disclosure only gives a small amount of information regarding the CSP research, we believe you will find it extremely interesting and thought provoking. This small amount of evidence gives much to the possibilities that the CSP is truly on to something. However, we need your help to test if the Copper Scroll Project has indeed revealed the location of these ancient Biblical artifacts. Please join us in petitioning Israel to PROPERLY excavate these sites with no more delay. Use the information below to contact the Israeli government today and encourage them to pursue the proper excavation of these sites now Click here for a sample letter. Israeli Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports 34 Shivtei Israel St. P.O.B. 292 Jerusalem 91911 Tel: 972-2-560 2222 Tel: 972-2-560 2330 Fax: 972-2-5602223 E-mail: Website:   ***Watch a Breaking News video about the Copper Scroll Project here!***... read more

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